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Offering investor financing for non-owner occupied properties nationwide

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Mortgage       Programs

To fit your specific investment needs 


Housing Development
Designed for real estate investors seeking lower payments on a long-term, fixed-rate loan with no balloon payment 

Flexible Term Loan

Customized loan to your individual needs
  • 30 year fixed rate 

  • Interest-only payments up to 10 years

  • Great for self-employed investors & small business owners 

  • Based on property value, not personal income

  • Best alternative to hard money loans 

Designed for  investors seeking short-term, financing with no prepay penalties 

Interest Only Loan

  • An interest - only, 24 month term provides lower monthly payments

  • Available for purchase or cash-out refinance 

  • Perfect for acquiring or leveraging real estate holdings

  • A higher LTV than hard money options 

Program offers a short-term interest-only loan solution
Designed for "fix & flip" investors seeking short-term, interest-only loan to acquire and improve a property on it's "after repair value" (ARV)

After Repair Value Pro Loan

The best short-term solution for acquiring and improving property value 
  • Allows you to finance improvements 

  • Great if you are in need of a quick close 

  • Interest -only 1 year term providing lower monthly payments. 

  • A higher LTV than hard money lenders 

Have a property in mind ?

Private Property

Featured Fundings


Featured Fundings

Our investment property loans include residential 1-4 rental properties like single family homes, condominiums and townhomes to multi-family apartment, mixed-use and small commercial buildings.  We've included a small sample of the types of commercial and investment property loans we've help investors finance.  

Brooklny , Ny

Property Type: 2-4 Unit Apt. 

Purpose: Cash-Out Refinance 

Loan Amount: $1,800,000

Location: Brooklyn, NY 

Loan Program: Flex Term 

Date Funded: 10/29/21

This property was initially struggling to qualify for traditional financing. Because of our quick turn-around time, great terms, and flexible underwriting guidelines, we were able to close this Brooklyn-based 2-4 unit triplex in 22 days with a great 30-year fixed rate 

Durham, NC

Property Type: SFR 

Purpose: Purchase

Loan Amount: $126,500

Location: Durham, NC

Loan Program: FlexPerm

Date Funded: 02/19/21

When the bank wouldn't finance the purchase of this assisted living facility, we did so in just 30 days thanks to the flexibility of our asset-based investment property mortgage solutions. Our FlexPerm program allowed the borrower to lock in longterm financing and avoid the balloon payment associated with most private money loans 

Fairhope, AL

Property Type: SFR

Purpose: Rate Term Refinance 

Loan Amount: $486,500

Location: Fairhope, Al 

Loan Program: ARV Pro 

Date Funded: 08/18/21

The borrower required a loan to rehab a single family home rental project while they were simultaneously relocating and transferring their entities and investments from the state to state. Not only did we fund their fix-and-flip project, but our investment property specialist were able to offer important guidance to assist the borrower with their relocation issues.

Los Angeles, CA

Property Type: SFR

Purpose: Purchase

Loan Amount: $1,932,000

Location: Los Angeles , CA

Loan Program: FlexPerm

Date Funded: 01/29/21

Foreign investor? No problem. Specifically designed for foreign investors without U.S credit, seasoning of funds, or other U.S investment experience, our Foreign Investor program allowed us to close this beautiful single-family investment in just 44 days

Have an investment property in mind ?

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